Get Monster Mix = Get Monster Muscles

 Russia’s”Secret Weapon” for Safely (and Legally) Increasing Muscle Strength and Athletic Performance  = Monster Mix

For Russians, athletics have always been animmense source of national pride.

In the Soviet Union, a combination of enormous state funding and a powerful sports infrastructure served to “breed” superior athletes, whose Olympic triumphs could serve as evidence of the superiority of Mother Russia and its communist system.

Even following the disintegration of the USSR, sports remained a way for the new Russian state to project its power.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the annals of Soviet science include many investigative efforts to increase human strength, endurance, and athletic performance without the use of banned substances.

According to Dr. Sergei Portugalov, head of the Laboratory of Biological Active Substances at the National Research Institute of Sport in Moscow, and Chief Nutritional Advisor to the Russian Olympic Team, “Our greatest competitive advantage came from performance supplements derived from natural plant materials.”

He continues: “The nutritional support provided by these supplements helped our athletes achieve better performance, stamina, endurance, strength, recovery, immune resistance, muscle development, and adaptation to changes in climate, time zones, and altitude. The world has seen the results at the last four Olympic Games. But until recently our revolutionary discoveries were a closely guarded secret.”

But not any more!  Now you can get the muscle growth you want with Monster Mix! 

Read more about the amazing benefits here:


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